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Changes in the fetus:

Fetal organs are maduring

¿HOW TALL AND WEIGHS THE FETUS? The fetus passes 60 to 70 mm and weighs 9 to 14 g.

This week continues with a very rapid growth, just one week increased by 15%. It's like a child would grow 7 cm in a week. The organs are maturing rapidly and many body structures begin to take its final shape. For example, this week the vocal cords are formed, began the development of nails and toes and begins to appear little by little body hair.

The digestive system, which already receives liquid through the liquid swallows fetus, it is becoming increasingly sophisticated. At first it was a simple tube, but it has been growing and curving back on itself to gradually start to resemble what we know as the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. The kidney produces more and more urine, although many functions that will in the future have not yet appeared.

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¿What this week?

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Changes in the mother

Symptoms: less nausea, finally

The uterus reaches the height of the upper edge of the pubic bone . Perhaps not yet increased abdomen note but if a doctor feels the belly can be felt in thin patients as the uterus begins to protrude above the bones of the pelvis.

In 60% of women, nausea disappear at week 12  as they are related to hormonal factors, especially beta- HCG. It is a hormone produced by the placenta during the first few weeks, in fact is what is detected in urine to tell if a woman is pregnant. The beta- HCG 's mission is to make the ovaries produce in large quantities and progesterone hormones, which are necessary to facilitate the early development of pregnancy. But from the moment these do not produce hormones and ovaries, if not the same placenta.

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semana12 ecografia primer trimestre

An ultrasound high level at this time can detect up to 60-70% of possible malformation problems that appear during pregnancy.

Control of pregnancy

Diagnostic tests: Ultrasound in first quarter

Although it may be a little earlier or a little later, today the most common for first-trimester ultrasound time is 12 weeks. This is because at this point the anatomical development and fetal size allow you to check that most organs have been properly trained . An ultrasound high level at this time can detect up to 60-70 % of possible malformation problems that appear during pregnancy. The other measurement is performed is the nuchal translucency.

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